Accounting, Tax Planning, and
Tax Preparation Services

Nonprofit Services
Nonprofit entities, such as those typically classified as 501(c) organizations, have special needs when it comes to filing taxes. These organizations often operate with volunteer help who may or may not have the technical expertise to identify the special reporting, disclosure and pitfalls which could result in the vulnerability of the tax exempt status. If you are a Board Member or have responsibility for accounting or reporting financial transactions for a not-for-profit, church, or other exempt organization, or similar group, you may want to consider whether your current method of accounting and reporting of financial matters could use a tune-up.
  • Nonprofit compilations of financial statements
  • Analysis of internal controls and risk assessment
  • Nonprofit tax compliance
  • Nonprofit planning services
  • Nonprofit audit representation before the IRS or other taxing authorities
  • Nonprofit accounting and tax preparation
  • Tax Exempt Status Revocation Resolution
  • Exempt Status Application
  • Grand Accounting and reporting