Estate Planning

There is substantial grief when a loved one or long time friend passes away. However, there are often tax filing requirements that need to be attended to based upon the trust instrument or will of the deceased. At Luers & Dyer we will help you meet these needs resulting from the administration and distribution of an estate or trust.

Our firm can file returns for the final year of the decedent as well as the returns for the trusts or estates that result from the death of the loved one.

Each situation will be different dependent upon the estate and gift tax strategy, the portfolio of assets and liabilities, and the goals of the beneficiaries.

Some of the services available include the following:

• Working with the estate attorney to implement the estate administration and
• Reviewing the trust instrument and will as well as the applicable state Principal
   and Income Act to determine the appropriate reporting of the income and
   expenses by the trust or estate for purposes of accounting to beneficiaries or
   others and proper reporting on the tax return.
• Determining the timing and amount of distributions.
• Gathering the necessary documents from the appropriate sources to file a
   correct return.
• Making the necessary tax elections to maximize benefits.
• Determining estimated tax payments

We can also assist in the preparation of the federal and state estate tax returns.